Sponsoring request

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation of the files is made based on the following criteria, then the final engagement decision is confirmed by a Sponsoring Committee.


  • Quality, reliability and transparency of the organisation or the event
  • A long-term commitment
  • Promotion of the values of openness, exchange and tolerance
  • Commitment to the environment
  • Accessibility to the general public (no elitism)
  • Non-partisan orientation
  • Local anchor (support to local communities) and regional anchor
  • Team spirit, fairness and fair play in sports

Time limit for the submission of files

Because of an increasing demand and with a view to ensuring a better quality of service, all the applications of the year must be sent to us no later than 30 June via the form below and must respect a deadline of at least two months before the event. After these deadlines files shall unfortunately not be taken into account and a new application should be sent to us for the following year.

Sponsoring Form

Contact information

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Project name  
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Short description  
Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
from   at least two months before the event
requests accepted until 30 June of the current year

Services offered  
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To join documents
Each file cannot exceed 7.5 MB (megabyte). You can attach up to 3 files, for a total volume of 22.5 MB.
You can decrease the weight of MB by reducing the resolution (200 dpi is sufficient).
You can send larger files by mail at the following address:
Genève Aéroport - Marketing & Promotion Service - CP 100 - 1215 Geneva 15

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