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Unireso: train, tram, bus, boat

The airport is located at nearly 4 km from Geneva city centre. It is easily reachable by train or by bus using the united network of public transport Unireso. Only one single ticket is required to travel by train, tram, bus or boat in the area France-Vaud-Geneva.

It takes only 6 minutes from/to Geneva city centre by train (every 12 minutes at rush hours). The airport railway station has direct access to the airport Check-in and Arrival levels. All trains stop at Geneva-Cornavin station (city centre).

The following urban buses stop every 8-15 minutes at rush hours at the airport (bus stops at the Check-in level, in front of or beside the train station).

TPG ligne 5Aéroport - Aréna/Palexpo - Nations - Cornavin - Rive - Malagnou - Thônex-Vallard

TPG ligne 10Aéroport - Balexert - Cornavin - Bel-Air - Rive

TPG ligne 23Aéroport - Blandonnet - Lignon - Aïre - Grand-Lancy - ZIPLO

TPG ligne 28Parfumerie - Vernier - Blandonnet - Aéroport - Fret - Grand-Saconnex - Nations - Jardin-Botanique

TPG ligne 57Aéroport - Blandonnet - Hôtpial de la Tour - Meyrin

TPG ligne FGex - Cessy - Grand-Saconnex - Nations - Cornavin

TPG ligne YFerney - Grand-Saconnex - Aéroport - Blandonnet - CERN - Thoiry

Tourist information can be obtained at the information counter in the Arrivals hall of the airport, on leaving customs control. Tickets can be purchased from the machines located at bus stops (CHF or Euro change required) and at the Swiss railway station.

Déplacement de certains arrêts de bus à Genève Aéroport

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Dans le cadre de la réfection de la plateforme les arrêts de bus se trouvant à la gare CFF de Genève Aéroport sont déplacés du 17 novembre au 13 décembre 2014.

Dès lundi 17 novembre, les bus TPG circulent en sens unique en front de l'aérogare.

Retrouvez ci-dessous toutes les informations:

  • Bus 5: arrivée et départ à côté de la gare CFF de Genève Aéroport.
  • Bus 23 (arrivée terminus) et 57 (arrivée terminus): en face de la porte numéro 1 de Genève Aéroport.
  • Bus 23 direction Ziplo et bus 57 direction Zimeysa: de l'autre côté de la de la route, après les caisses du parking au niveau Départ.
  • Bus 28 direction Jardin botanique et bus Y direction Fernet-Voltaire: en face de la porte numéro 2 de Genève Aéroport.
  • Bus 28 direction Vernier et bus Y direction Val-Thoiry: de l'autre côté de la de la route, après les caisses du parking au niveau Départ.
  • Bus 10: arrivée et départ en face de la porte numéro 5 de Genève Aéroport.
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Travel free on public transport during your stay in Geneva

Since 2008, you can pick up a free ticket for public transport from the machine in the baggage collection area at the Arrival level. This Unireso ticket, offered by Genève Aéroport, allows you to use public transport in the canton of Geneva free for a period of 80 minutes.

Borne Unireso en zone bagages

If you’re travelling at night, Unireso suggests you use their Noctambus service, a nighttime public transportation network. For more information:

If you are staying at a hotel, a youth hostel or a campsite, the establishment will offer you the "Geneva Transport Card" that allows you to use public transport in Geneva free of charge during your stay. Get more information from Genève Tourisme or the establishment concerned.

Train timetables changed between Geneva and France (work on lines)

Major work is being done on French-Swiss train lines in the Geneva area, in preparation for the introduction of the regional rail system, the RER, and to improve connections with France. That work will affect service between Geneva and Genève-Aéroport and between Geneva and France throughout 2014. Passengers should inquire before travelling.

The Swiss (CFF) and French (RFF) rail networks are modernizing their cross-border rail network throughout 2014. Their purpose: to lay the groundwork for the regional rail system (RER) connecting France and the Swiss cantons of Vaud and Geneva and to improve connections between Geneva and France. On both sides of the border, the work includes improving network electrification, signalling and security installations, and will make it possible to introduce new regional dual-current trains along the entire Geneva – La Plaine – Bellegarde line.

As concerns the Genève Aéroport service, the number of trains between Geneva and Genève-Aéroport will be reduced from 15 July to 13 December 2014, as a result of work on the track layout in Genève-Châtelaine. Three trains will run in either direction every hour. Please consult

The CFF and the RFF recommend that passengers inquire before setting out. Information is available at ticket counters and on, and the CFF have set up a free dedicated hotline - 0800 22 00 11 - for the duration of the work. A flyer is also available in CFF train stations throughout the region.

In France, passengers can consult the following channels of information: (Rhône-Alpes), in the "travaux" section, and, in the "actualités" section.

Posters are being put up in train stations to inform passengers. Announcements will be broadcast in trains and stations. Bicycles cannot be transported on the buses and reservations are mandatory for groups.

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Free shuttle buses to Swiss hotels

Free shuttle buses outside the Arrival level for the following hotels:

Taxis in Geneva

Taxis in Geneva can be ordered by phone, hailed in the street or found at about 60 authorised taxi ranks in town, airport and main station.

Fares between airport and city range from about CHF 35.00 to CHF 45.00 and depend on traffic conditions, time of day and number of passengers. Presently, the fare within Geneva, including airport, is the amount shown on the taximeter.

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Chapter IV of law H 1 30.01 on taxis and limousines defines inter alia how taxi stations and the information desk at Geneva International Airport operate.

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