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Carpooling, a down-to-earth idea

The airport’s staff mobility plan offers a wide range of measures to encourage the use of sustainable means of  transport.

For those who live too far away to come to work at the airport on foot or by bicycle, or who are not served by public transport, carpooling is an interesting alternative.
Of the 11,000 employees who work at the airport, the potential number of those who can make journeys as a group one or more days a week is considerable.

Passengers and visitors to the airport can also find a carpool partner to get to and from the airport by registering on the public website

More user-friendly, more economical, and safer, there are many advantages to carpooling!

Genève Aéroport Videos

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Encouraging waste sorting and recycling

Waste management efforts have focused on encouraging sorting and recycling. Bodies and companies on the airport, particularly aircraft maintenance workshops, offices and restaurants, sort waste at the source.

Since January 2011, Genève Aéroport has been running a major waste sorting campaign for its staff and partners.

After the introduction of a per-bag levy on incinerable waste for franchisees and tenants of terminal T1, the installation in the terminal of new sorting bins, and the holding of training sessions on sorting and recycling, two video clips have been produced to encourage passengers to sort waste.

The video clips are shown on the screens on the Arrivals level and in the departure lounges.

Incentive video clips to sorting and recycling
Sorting clipPicto clip
Sorting video clip Pictos video clip

Genève Aéroport invests in the largest solar roof in Europe

Genève Aéroport has acquired 282 UHV flat thermal solar panels based on a technology developed at CERN and transferred to the company SRB Energy. Piggybacking on the Spanish industrial Grupo Segura, this start-up is marketing a Swiss-quality and 100% European high-tech product. The solar field will be the largest of its kind in Europe.

Press release 09.03.2012

Clip Genève Aéroport for the classes

Clip intended for the classes of young people during the visit of the airport.

It is possible to visit the airport provided there is a group of at least 15 (and maximum 30) people, from Monday to Friday at 14:00.

Visits consist of:

  • a film on the activities of the airport (video available in French only),

  • a bus tour on the apron,
  • and a visit to the security service barracks

(minimum age: 8 years)

For more detailed information, please contact our "Guided Tours" service,
tel. +4122 717 71 07 or by e-mail.

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