Nocturnal movements statistics


In accordance with the requirements of the federal law, Genève Aéroport is permanently open and accessible to all aircrafts, subject to the regulations applicable to night-time movements and other restrictions issued by the operator. 

Takeoffs and landings of non-commercial flights at Genève Aéroport are authorised between 06:00 and 22.00. Non-commercial movements behind flight schedule, authorised after 22:00, remain reserved.

Takeoffs and landings of commercial flights at Genève Aéroport are authorized between 06:00 and 23:59. Night-time period runs from 22:00 to 00:00. After 23:59 aircrafts that are behind schedule are allowed by law to takeoff or land until 00.29.
Scheduled flights, charter flights, as well as non-revenue commercial and charter flights movements (general aviation) are commercial flights.

Genève Aéroport does not allow flights before 06.00 and does not intend to do so in the future.

However, Genève Aéroport is open 24/24 for emergencies, medical and military flights or special movements (for diplomatic, humanitarian or technical reasons) permitted by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). 


Several flights are subject to no restrictions. This is particularly the case of distress landings, as well as takeoffs and landings related to search and rescue flights, ambulance and police flights, relief flights in case of disaster, flights of Swiss military aircrafts and flights of State owned aircrafts authorised by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA).

In addition, in case of unforeseen exceptional events the aerodrome operator may grant derogations for movements beyond 00:30.

Where applicable, airlines send to Genève Aéroport a derogation request for the arrival or the departure of a flight after 00:30. Requests are considered on a case by case basis and are subject to special attention. Genève Aéroport examines carefully each application and refuses to grant a derogation if the exceptional and unforeseen nature of the events behind the request does not justify it, despite operational and financial consequences for companies, as well as inconveniences caused to passengers when a flight is cancelled or diverted to another airport.


Genève Aéroport reports every month to FOCA the statistics of the number of takeoffs and landings between 22:00 and 06:00.

The circumstances in which derogations are granted for movements beyond 00:30 are reported to the Office.


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