Trains between Lausanne and Genève-Aéroport

Two worksites of the Lake Geneva 2030 program require the implementation of a special timetable between Lausanne and Genève-Aéroport during four weekends of April. Between Lausanne and Genève-Aéroport mainlines trains are replaced by shuttle trains every 15 minutes. 

During the works, the traffic is only possible on one track, requiring the implementation of a special timetable between Lausanne and Genève-Aéroport the following weekends: 7 and 8 April, 14 and 15 April, 21 and 22 April and 28 and 29 April 2018.

The mainlines trains that usually link Lausanne-Geneva-Genève-Aéroport are replaced by shuttle trains that circulate every 15 minutes in both directions. These trains circulate like the RegioExpress, with stops in Lausanne, Renens, Morges, Allaman, Rolle, Gland, Nyon, Coppet, Geneva and Genève-Aéroport. Travel time between Lausanne and Geneva is thus extended by about 15 minutes. Traffic is reduced during the night from Saturday to Sunday.

ICN trains, serving the Pied du Jura line, circulate normally to Lausanne and Genève-Aéroport. In what concerns international traffic, the EuroCity trains to Italy are cancelled on the Lausanne-Geneva route. The TGVs departing from Lausanne circulate according to a modified timetable (and subject to the special provisions due to the strike of French railway workers).

In what concerns regional traffic, RER Vaud trains of lines S3 and S4 are replaced by a bus service between Lausanne and Allaman. S2 line trains are cancelled between Cossonay-Penthalaz and Lausanne, travellers should take S1 line. S1 line timetable is therefore slightly modified to allow connections with the S2 line. The other lines of RER Vaud are not affected.

This special timetable has already been implemented last year during two weekends; it has proved reliable and well accepted by customers.

20 customer assistants are present every weekend in the area to inform travellers. Brochures and posters are available at the stations of the region and the online timetable is updated on www.cff.ch . Ads are broadcast by loudspeaker. In addition, information is available by phone through the Rail Service at 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min. from the Swiss fixed network).

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