Airport Capacity Enhancement (ACE)

How to efficiently use the runway 05/23 in Geneva?

This campaign is part of the ACE project (Airside Capacity Enhancement), which goal is to optimise the use of the runway.

In order to promote this optimisation, a new information leaflet intended to aircrews has been published.
Its leitmotif: «Every movement matters, every second counts!».
It presents in a simple and synthetic way, how pilots can contribute in the optimisation of the runway occupancy time.
One page is dedicated to the «arrivals», another one to the «departures».
Key words are: «be ready, anticipate, react!».
Finally, a page highlights the infrastructure changes implemented or coming soon, enabling to reduce the runway occupancy time as well.
Pilots are truly at the heart of this awareness campaign: they are the key players to the realisation of these ambitious objectives.
«Every movement matters, every second counts!».
A single second might seem weightless; multiplied by 500 movements a day: it is substantial…

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