Genève Aéroport got the “Swiss Olympic” label


Swiss Olympic logoGenève Aéroport got the “Swiss Olympic” label, awarded to companies that take on apprentices on their way to becoming elite athletes. The airport is proud to support its future high-level athletes by adapting their schedules to their training times.




ISO 55001 Certificate

Genève Aéroport received the AFAQ ISO 55001 certification, which confirms the use of internationally recognised best practices in the management of its infrastructure.

Allowing to implement an integrated management system based on performance assessment and continuous improvement, the new ISO 55001 standard, an asset management system, is a guarantee of competence. It proves that robust procedures for the technical, administrative and financial management of assets are applied in a rigorous, controlled, reliable and efficient manner.

Press release of 10.08.2016



FOCA ICAO certificate

Certificat OFAC (pdf)Beginning of 2007, Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) has issued Geneva International Airport with the certificate stating that the organisation and documentation of the procedures intended to ensure airport infrastructure safety meet the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

ICAO has drawn up standards and recommendations applicable to aerodrome safety-related procedures. These requirements, which are set out in ICAO's Annex 14, define such things as runway snow clearance, aircraft de-icing, action by firefighters, aircraft refuelling, or the organisation of periodic inspections of runways and approach beacons. The aim of the standards laid down by ICAO is to ensure that airport infrastructure is always safe and operational. The relevant procedures have to be listed in an aerodrome manual that also serves as a reference for the safety management system. The manual describes how an organisation identifies, assesses and contains existing risks.

The first Swiss airports to be certified to ICAO standards are those that handle scheduled and charter traffic, i.e. Geneva and Zurich national airports, and also Bern, Lugano, Sion and Saint-Gall-Altenrhein regional aerodromes. FOCA has drawn up in collaboration with those airports a general outline for the aerodrome and safety-management systems manuals. Taking that as a basis, aerodromes define the operation and inspection procedures appropriate for their own infrastructure. FOCA then analyses the documentation submitted and checks during an audit lasting several days whether the airports are actually applying the relevant processes and procedures. Every three years, certified aerodromes undergo a refresher audit carried out by FOCA, the aim of which is to check that their procedures are still compliant with ICAO standards. The bi-national Basle-Mulhouse airport will be certified by the French authorities with FOCA's assistance.

"1+ For All" label

1 plus pour tous, Entreprise active dans la lutte contre le chômage de longue durée à Genève
Genève Aéroport was awarded the “1+ For All” label for the first time end of 2012 and was renewed in February 2015.

The label is a recognition, by public and economic actors, of companies in Geneva that employ the long-term jobless or those whose benefits are due to end.

Awarded for a period of two years by the Department of Employment, Social Affairs and Health, the label enables companies to promote their commitment to employment.

Charter "1+ For All" from Genève Aéroport (French)

For more information: www.ge.ch/unpluspourtous (French)

Health management rewarded

For many years, Genève Aéroport has been committed to systematic management of enterprise health and safety through voluntary measures.

It thus has a policy on the subject that is formalised and communicated, has set up a health safety  at work committee responsible for defining strategic and operational objectives,  takes action intended to improve and maintain the health of staff and the monitoring thereof, organises training courses in that field, has a work medic on site, etc.

All points, among many others, that were identified by the Promotion Santé Suisse foundation which, after an in-depth assessment, then awarded Genève Aéroport the “Friendly Work Space” label that distinguishes companies that successfully implement measures to optimise enterprise framework conditions and that make the health and safety of their staff central to their concerns.

SIG certificate discover offer

Since 2012, electric power chosen by Geneva Airport is composed for 20% of the product SIG Vitale Vert, supplied from renewable energy (solar and biomass) and hydropower naturemade star certified, and 80% of the product SIG Vitale Bleu, supplied from hydropower.

This energy is partly produced in Geneva. This choice will contribute to the development of solar energy in the canton.

Airport Carbon Accreditation

Airports’ carbon accreditation is a certification programme for the management of greenhouse gases implemented by ACI Europe. This certification assesses and recognises the efforts made by airports to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and requires an audit by an independent third party. It includes 4 levels of accreditation: (1) mapping, (2) reduction, (3) optimisation and (3+) neutrality. At its launch in 2009, ACA certification only concerned European airports. It was then extended to the Asia-Pacific region, and now applies to all airports in the world, and became de-facto the global standard for the management of the airports greenhouse gas emissions.
To date, more than 210 airports in the world are certified. Each year, these airports are used by more than 3.2 billion passengers. 37 have the certification 3+, "Carbon Neutral".

Since 2011, Genève Aéroport has been level 3 certified in terms of airports’ carbon accreditation. In 2017, Genève Aéroport has gone a step further by obtaining the level 3+ certification, "Carbon Neutral". To get it, Genève Aéroport bought carbon certificates to offset emissions resulting from these activities (infrastructure, ground handling, etc.). Key measures taken to reduce the carbon footprint of the airport include the abandonment of fossil fuels to heat buildings by 2025, the renewal policy for vehicles on the tarmac or the staff mobility plan.

Nature & Economy certificate

Since 2011, Geneva Airport is one of the 308 companies certified by the Nature & Economy Foundation, which by the quality of their natural surfaces, contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

  • 1st certification: 13.12.2011
  • Current certification: 05.09.2014

Certificate 2014 (French PDF)

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