Dimensions of the hand luggage

Generally, the dimensions of the hand luggage must not exceed 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm, according to the IATA standards. Only one hand luggage is accepted (max. 10 kg) by traveller. These conditions can differ according to airlines.

Products allowed in hand baggage

  • Liquid products may be transported only in small quantities, packaged in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 millilitres each, all placed in a transparent sealable plastic bag (pressure or zip closure, max. capacity 1 litre per passenger). See illustration opposite.
  • Liquid products of more than 100 millilitres must be carried in your checked baggage (not allowed in hand baggage)

    The following are treated as liquids: water and other drinks; soups; syrups; perfumes; gels, including hair gels and shower gels; pastes, including toothpaste; mascara; creams; lotions and oils; sprays; contents of pressurized containers, including shaving foam; other foams; deodorants; liquid-solid mixtures; other item of similar consistency.
  • Medicines and products to meet special dietary requirements, including baby food, required for the journey, may be carried in the cabin. You may be asked to justify the requirement.
  • Purchases of liquids (drinks, perfumes, etc.) in duty-free shops in the EU, located within the area beyond boarding pass inspection points or on board aircraft operated by an EU airline, are still allowed. Do not open the special sealed plastic bag containing your purchases before arrival at your final destination (in order to pass inspection points in transit in one or more other EU airports). All these liquids may be carried in addition to the quantities carried in the sealed plastic bags described above.

Please note that all liquids must be taken out of your hand baggage before going through security screening!

If you have any doubts, please ask your airline or your travel agent before departure.

Forbidden goods in Lugagge

Affiche STOP: marchandises dangereuses interdites dans les bagages - télécharger le PDF 1.7 MBFor security reasons, it is prohibited to transport any of the following articles in your baggage:

  • camping gas cylinders and soda cartridges, full diving cylinders and lamps, petrol and alcohol over 70°, paints and solvents, car batteries, fireworks, chemicals for household use and poisons of all kinds.

The airlines, tour operators, travel agencies and the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) will be happy to provide further information on this subject upon request.

Security questions and baggages forbidden items:
Questions de sécurité et objets interdits dans votre bagage à main, pdf 215 ko (pdf 0.2MB)

Going through airport security

In order to ensure smooth passage through security, please present the following items separately:

  • any liquids you’re carrying
  • your jacket and/or coat
  • laptops and other electric/electronic devices, which should be taken out of your hand luggage (camera, cell phone, tablet, etc.)

These items will be checked separately.

Animals transport

In the cabin: for an animal weighing less than 5 kg, in a bag, with the prior authorisation of the airline concerned.

In the hold: for an animal weighing over 5 kg, in cages sold by the airlines. Tariff: same tariff as for excess baggage.

Please note! A number of documents are mandatory when your animal travels by air from one country to another. Without these documents, your animal may be blocked by the veterinary service in the country of arrival.


  • Questions relating to documents and transport:
    Genève Aéroport Animal Reception Centre www.avihandling.com.
  • Question relating to vaccination, quarantine, etc.: contact the vet.


Foodstuffs - food:
  • The following are counted as liquids: products that are creamy, pasty or similar to liquids (e.g. cream pie, filled pastry, soft cheeses) and canned products (unless they contain no more than 100 ml and they are put into the plastic bag).
  • The following are not counted as liquids fruit (apples, oranges, pineapples, etc.). Exception: coconuts.

  • Medicines needed on board during the journey are allowed, even when the contents are greater than 100 ml. Obtain a prescription or a medical certificate beforehand (wherever possible).

Health and travel:

  • SAFETRAVEL, the website approved by the Federal Office of Public Health, a useful reference for vaccines and other health news (in French or German).


  • Only 1 transparent/resealable bag is allowed per person. Capacity of the bag: 1 litre.
  • No change for hold baggage.
  • No change for cabin items.

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