Obstacles to the aviation

Genève Aéroport: competent cantonal service

As cantonal representative of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation for the assessment, supervision and analysis of permanent and/or temporary obstacles to air navigation, Genève Aéroport’s aim is to maintain aviation safety.

Obligation to report obstacles

All applications for the construction of buildings, installations of a certain height (antenna, tower, crane, cable transport, high voltage line, etc.), or vegetation and reafforestation plantations must be submitted for approval to Genève Aéroport, TGP Technical division, preferably before they reach the project stage.

The competent cantonal reporting service (Genève Aéroport) decides, in collaboration with the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), if the obstacle can be built and on what conditions. This procedure also applies to modifications to existing obstacles.

Safety zones plan

A safety zone plan has been defined for all landings and take-offs. This land-use planning instrument enables the regulation of new obstacles to air navigation. To that end, it limits the authorised height of constructions or vegetation.


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