Air passenger rights

Flight irregularities

Denied Boarding

If a flight is overbooked and some passengers are denied boarding, the passengers concerned are entitled to receive assistance and compensation.


If a flight is cancelled, passengers are entitled to receive assistance and, depending on the circumstances, compensation.


If a departure is delayed by 2, 3 or 4 hours (depending on the flight distance), the airline is required to provide assistance to the passengers.

Air passenger rights

Air passengers within the European Union and Switzerland have strong and extensive rights, ensuring they are treated fairly if problems occur on their journeys. New EU legislation, which entered into force in  Switzerland 1st December 2006, increases the level of compensation airlines must pay to passengers denied boarding, and introduces new rights to compensation and assistance in the event of cancelled flights and long delays, as well as extending coverage to passengers on charter and domestic flights.

Note: English is not one of Switzerland's official languages. Please consult the pages in French or German.

Damaged, lost or late baggage

The carrier is liable for damage to baggage occurring in the event of destruction, loss or accident. This right applies world-wide if your flight is insured by a Swiss or EU company.

Rights of Passengers with Disabilities or Reduced Mobility

Persons with disabilities or reduced mobility travelling by air now have in Switzerland the same rights as in the European Union.

Transparency in the display of air ticket prices

Advertising for travel offers must show the total price payable, i.e. the price including fuel surcharges, airport taxes, security levies and other amounts due.

Injury or death resulting from an aircraft accident

The carrier is liable for damages arising in the event of the death of or injury to a passenger  resulting from an accident occurring on board the aircraft or during boarding or de-planing operations.

Package tours

You can claim compensation from the travel organiser or agency that sold you a package tour if the  services agreed under the contract are not provided. This right applies regardless of your destination if the contract was made in the EU or Switzerland.


Swiss rule

In addition to its own law Switzerland has adopted the EU regulations for air passengers.

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