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Exclusive collection "Un chic fou" & Hour Passion

The Swiss brand "Un chic fou", created in 2011 by Nathalie Rossel, renowned for her elegant, refined and timeless designs,is proud to announce a special partnership with HOUR PASSION.

This exclusive collection is an expression of the most recognizable symbols of Switzerland:the famous Swiss Cross, the renowned Mountains of the Swiss Alps,
the century old tradition of the cattle procession also known as the 'Poya".
Hand-drawn and produced in sterling silver in the Greater Geneva area by the best local craftsmen, these delicate creations epitomize Swiss Quality and represent the best of Swiss traditions.
They are an invitation to travel as well as the perfect way to bring back a little piece of Switzerland with one's own personal story.

"Un chic fou" & HOUR PASSION: jewelry with a meaning ! 

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