Provisional monthly statistics

The air traffic statistics (passengers, movements, freight) are available around the 10th of each month, for the previous month:

monthly statistics

Figures are temporary data, several checks still need to be done. However, the error towards the definitive figures is generally lower than +/-1%.

Genève Aéroport: Facts and figures 2013

  • 14.4 million passengers in 2013 (+3.9% compared with 2012).
  • 192,944 movements in 2013 (-2.2% compared with 2012).
  • 81.4% of aircraft took off on time in 2013.
  • More than 130 destinations by direct flight: Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East, Asia.
  • Around 95% of passengers are from or travelling to the region.
  • Some 55 scheduled airlines, of which about 15 are non-European.
  • Around 900 staff in the Genève Aéroport public autonomous establishment. Some 10,000 people on the site, distributed among 200 companies and agencies.
  • Half of profits paid to the State of Geneva, i.e. 156 million between 2009 and 2013.
  • Living space with 80 shops, service providers and restaurants, open 7 days a week.
  • No subsidies.
  • 410 million in investments between 2009 and 2013.
  • CHF 121 million for infrastructure renovation and conversion.
  • E-gates, automatic boarding gates, were installed in 2013 in the Schengen area and allow passengers to scan their boarding passes themselves.
  • More than 4,200 protocol welcomes a year. A key role for French-speaking Switzerland on the international scene.
  • More than 760,000 Unireso tickets were given away to passengers by Genève Aéroport in 2013, enabling them to use Geneva public transport free of charge for 80 minutes.
  • In 2013, more than 220 new homes were sound insulated in Switzerland and in France, bringing the total number of homes sound insulated by Genève Aéroport to more than 3,000.
  • 9,000 m2 of solar panels.
  • Environmental management system. Environmental activities are based on the objectives set in a triennial plan and scheduled in annual action plans.
  • The E-services platform enables the direct sale of airport services to passengers. These “e-services” enable users to reserve a parking space (normal or premium), and to enjoy a fast track through security and access to a lounge in transit.
  • The free smartphone application GVApp gained added functionality in 2013. Its features include all information related to flights, shops, and access, and it offers a dynamic map of the airport.
  • “Smiley boxes” enable passengers to give their opinions on airport services in real time.
    1.5 million likes were conveyed in this way in 2013.
  • More than 10,000 friends on Facebook, and new visibility on Linkedin and Youtube.

SSA: 2013 facts and figures

  • 96 aircraft interventions
  • 13 miscellaneous fires (including vehicle fires)
  • 526 SCA automatic alarms (automatic and technical alarms)
  • 3 traffic accidents
  • 49 hydrocarbon pollution incidents
  • 4 chemical and radioactivity pollution incidents
  • 3,802 tank fillings with passengers on board
  • 12 flooding incidents
  • 31 snow and ice alerts
  • 18 cat: II/III weather alerts
  • 75 miscellaneous assistance incidents
  • 2,814 waste pipes
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