Provisional monthly statistics

The air traffic statistics (passengers, movements, freight) are available around the 10th of each month, for the previous month:

monthly statistics

Figures are temporary data, several checks still need to be done. However, the error towards the definitive figures is generally lower than +/-1%.

Genève Aéroport: Facts and figures 2012

  • 13.9 million passengers in 2012 (+ 73% in ten years).

  • 192,944 movements in 2012 (+ 16.5% in five years).

  • More than 120 direct-flight destinations: Europe, North America, Africa, Middle-East, Asia.

  • More than 50 scheduled airlines, of which some 20 are non-European.

  • Second European airport for private aviation, after Paris le Bourget.

  • 840 staff in the independent government-owned corporation Genève Aéroport. More than 9,500 people on the site, spread over 200 companies and agencies.

  • 6 million inhabitants living less than 120 minutes from the airport.

  • Half the profits paid to the State of Geneva, or CHF 130 million between 2007 and 2011.

  • No subsidies.

  • CHF 345 million invested between 2007 and 2011.

  • A place to live, with 100 shops, service providers and restaurants open 7 days a week.

  • Multi-modal transport centre: planes (!), trains (200 trains a day), buses (7 routes), cars (motorway exit). Sustainable transport encouraged (Genève Aéroport won Swiss and European awards in 2009). Mobility plan and car-pooling site. 37% of employees and 45% of passengers use public transport to get to the airport.

  • Around 4,000 VIP welcomes a year. A key role for western Switzerland on the international scene.

  • A fully-equipped cargo hall with an area of more than 25,000 square metres. An asset for businesses in the region.

  • More than 4,500 square metres of solar panels. Has just installed 282 ultra-high-vacuum flat thermal solar panels based on technology developed at CERN. This solar field is the largest of its kind in Europe.

  • A 40 million CHF sound-insulation program for neighbouring dwellings. More than 2,700 homes that have received sound insulation so far from Genève Aéroport. This insulation enables a simultaneous improvement in energy efficiency: about 1 tonne of CO2 saved annually per home.

  • Environmental policy. Detailed environmental report once every three years..

  • Shopping centre with 100 stores and services open 7 days a week.

  • A geographical location 5 km from Geneva city centre.

SSA: 2012 facts and figures

  • 80 aircraft assistance operations
  • 21 various fires
  • 707 refuelling operation with passengers on board
  • 18 floods
  • 19 snow and ice alarms
  • 2'933 medical transfers
  • 227 SCA alarms (automatic and technical alarms)
  • 5'717 people treated in the infirmary (passengers and staff)
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