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How to pay the car parking

  • Cash machines and main cash-desk of the car parks:
    - CHF (coins and notes)
    - Euros (notes only)
    - credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PostCard)
  • Directly at the self-service counters located at the entry/exit: 
    - credit cards (MasterCard, American Express, Visa)

Car park opening hours

The car park Control Centre (tel. +4122 717 70 99) on the arrivals level is open from 06:00 to 01:00.

The opening hours of the car parks are as follows:

  • P1 long term: 04:00 to 23:30*
  • P2 short duration: 24hrs
  • P20 French sector: 05:00 to 23:30*
  • P26 long term: 24hrs
  • P31-32-33 railway station: 24hrs
  • P51 long term: 24hrs

* Closing time adjusted if flights are delayed.

Parking lot GPS coordinates

These are the GPS coordinates to enter into your navigation system for our parking lots:

  • Kiss & Fly (drop-off area): latitude 46.2306 / longitude 6.1097
  • P1: latitude 46.2306 / longitude 6.1101
  • P2: latitude 46.2306 / longitude 6.1101
  • P20: latitude 46.2329 / longitude 6.1110
  • P26: latitude 46.2349 / longitude 6.1140
  • P31-32-33: latitude 46.2349 / longitude 6.1140
  • P51 : latitude 46.2275 / longitude 6.1034

Kiss & Fly drop-off area

Passengers being driven to the airport can be dropped off at the Departures level a stone’s throw from the terminal building and make their way quickly and safely inside. The drop-off area is accessible via the road going to the airport – just follow the temporary signs.

The area comprises one lane with pedestrian pathways, allowing passengers to get out of the vehicle, take their luggage and walk the few steps to the terminal in complete safety while the driver leaves.

As its name indicates, the Kiss & Fly area is not intended for parking, not even for a brief period. It does, however, allow drivers to deposit passengers at the best place and in the best conditions … with just enough time for a good-bye kiss before take-off!

Height of vehicles

Vehicles under 2.45m can park on level -3 only (first two thirds of the level) of P26. Levels -1 and -2 (ResaPark area) can accommodate vehicles under 2m.

For vehicles over 2.45m, please check with the airport car parks Control Centre via our contact form.

Parking spaces for the disabled

The various car parks at the Airport have spaces reserved for the disabled:

  • P1 long term: 30 spaces on level -1, next to the lifts (about 50 m from the terminal T1). Lift request terminal.
  • P2 short duration: 2 spaces in the middle of the car park.
  • P20 French sector: 6 spaces on the lower level, near the sliding doors leading to the main terminal. Lift request terminal.
  • P31 CFF railway station: 1 space.
  • P51 long term: 2 spaces on each floor, next to the lifts (about 500 m from the terminal T1).
  • P26 long term: Covered car park, under the Arena, extension of the Swiss Railways station (follow direction Arena)
    - Sector 12: 3 spaces on level -1
    - Sector 22: 2 spaces on level -2
    - Sector 32: 2 spaces on level -3

Spaces reserved for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are welcome at the Airport. There are parking spaces with charging sockets specially reserved for them:

  • P1 long-term: 3 spaces on level -1, in the middle of the car park (sector 13) near the lift.
  • P51: 3 spaces on level 3

In addition, a fast charging station (AC - DC ChaDeMo - DC CCS) of the MOVE network is available in the short-term car park P2. To use it, announce yourself via the intercom when entering the car park or go to the central cashier of the car parks. For more information, please consult the MOVE network website.

LPG vehicles

LPG vehicles are welcome at all Genève Aéroport parking areas.

Two-wheeler park

The parking spaces for motorised two-wheeled vehicles are located near the P2 short duration car park. They are free and partially covered.

There are bicycle stands located on the Arrivals level. They are free and covered. An air column is available.

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