Environmental commission

Advisory Commission to combat pollution caused by air traffic

The Advisory Commission to combat pollution caused by air traffic was established by the cantonal law on Geneva International Airport of 10 June 1993 (H 3 25), and more specifically chapter IV (articles 22 to 29).

Purpose of the Commission

The purpose of the commission is to enable exchanges of information and consultations needed between Genève Aéroport, the authorities of neighbouring communes, residents' and environmental protection associations, and also airlines.

The commission advises on environmental action implemented as part of Genève Aéroport’s environmental management system.

The Committee also gives notice of the use of environmental funds for measures taken to improve continuously the airport's environmental performance.

Appointment of members

The members of the Commission are appointed by the State Council for a term of 5 years. Their term is renewable.

The Commission elects its chairman and vice-chairman from among its members. The managing director of the airport and the head of the department responsible for environmental issues are not eligible.

The Commission may co-opt experts on a permanent basis or to assist with the study of specific questions.


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