Terms and conditions for our suppliers

If If you wish to become a Genève Aéroport supplier for goods or services purchasing or for carrying out works, you will find opposite our terms and conditions as a PDF file. Under those terms and conditions, if the location where your services are provided is the airport site, you must also comply with the Directive for works carried out on the airport site, and also the environmental directive applicable to services performed on the airport site, see PDF documents opposite.

You are deemed to have accepted them in full and without reservation if you do not declare otherwise by registered letter to Genève Aéroport within 5 business days of receiving the order from Genève Aéroport


Calls for tenders

Genève Aéroport is a public company governed by the Law on Geneva International Airport, and is therefore subject to public procurement regulations.

For all information on the current Calls for tenders, please see the SIMAP platform.

Offending companies

List of companies excluded by decision of Genève Aéroport from participation in its own public contracts, as main contractor or subcontractor, for non-compliance with the minimum working conditions in use:

  • Nettoie'Net SA
    Ch. de l'Ancien-Puits 13, 1213 Petit-Lancy
    Beginning of the ban 15.08.2017 - End of the ban  31.07.2019




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