Cargo missions

Located at the heart of an area well-filled with outward-looking companies that maintain intense trade relations with the rest of the world, Genève Aéroport plays a primary role in the routing of the region’s imports and exports.

Therefore, he aims to:

  • facilitate goods flows in its freight hall by ensuring that it can offer an extensive and efficient range of services and the modern infrastructure needed for the dynamism of its activities.
  • stimulate cooperation between the various actors involved in air freight operations (forwarders, airlines, handling agents) so as to ensure an environment that promotes the industry and to avoid any obstacles to the security and rapidity of goods transport.
  • develop freight activities by informing the companies concerned of the many advantages available to them and that are features of Genève Aéroport.

It is therefore no coincidence, but rather the direct consequence of the efforts made so far, that Genève Aéroport now has one of the shortest goods consignment times of any European airport (60-90 minutes), and a degree of reliability and safety that is the envy of many other places. As well as having a terminal with modern and complete equipment, the Airport has been able to preserve above all a human dimension that makes it user-friendly and practical.

The management of the airport has devoted its efforts to developing these features and will continue to do so in the future with the primary aim of satisfying its users.

A cordial welcome awaits you at your airport.

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