Freight Hall

  • Modern hall with complete equipment
  • Warehouse 24'000 m2
  • Capacity: 80'000t/year
  • Refrigerated storage (perishables)
  • Handling room for radioactive goods
  • Safes for valuables
  • Heated storerooms during the winter
  • Loading crane: capacity 18 t
  • Loading platform adjustable for any type of lorry
  • Free ports (10'000m2) inside the freight terminal


  • French sector and customs. Possibility of customs clearance for all countries of the European Union
  • Very short consignment time: 70-90 min. on average
  • Reliability of services (punctual dispatch, no strikes, security for goods)
  • Direct connection to the Swiss and French motorway systems (300m away)
  • 3'900 m. runway, ILS category III

Main products imported & exported

  • Imported
    • Spare parts for machines
    • Perishables
    • Electronic components
    • Computer equipment
  • Exported
    • Chemical products
    • Watches, jewellery
    • Machines
    • Electronic components

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