Major Risk Prevention

Third party risks posed by aircraft accidents

In 2004, Genève Aéroport and the cantonal authorities carried out an assessment of the potential risk posed to third parties by aircraft accidents in the vicinity of the Geneva airport. A summary of this study can be downloaded here.

This risk assessment has been overlaid on the existing risk map for the Geneva territory (known as "Geneva Risk") established by OCIRT. This map displays potential hazards and industrial risks in accordance with the Swiss Federal Ordinance on Major Accidents (OMA). The "Geneva Risk" map is available at the following Website:

Inventory of dangerous goods

Emergency intervention data

To date, four companies are storing large amount of dangerous goods (in particular kerosene and fuel oil). These companies are governed by special safety provisions set out in particular in the ordinance on major accidents (OPAM). They are required emergency intervention data which contain all necessary information for the specialised service at Geneva canton. This service is responsible for assessing the dangers and preventing potential risks associated with the possession and use of potentially dangerous products and goods.

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