Noise Abatement


In its day-to-day operations, Genève Aéroport is looking for the best possible balance between security, fluidity, cost and impact of its activities, either for passengers and for residents, or for the economy and employment in the region. As such, air traffic noise is one of the major concerns of Genève Aéroport regarding environmental protection. For more than four decades, Genève Aéroport has been measuring, monitoring and struggling to limit the noise impact of the activities of the numerous actors of the airport platform.


For the purpose of improving exchanges with residents, Genève Aéroport has developed a new interactive platform on aircraft movements and their noise impact.


 This initiative has been developed in partnership with the consultative commission against the troublesome effects of aviation traffic (Commission consultative contre les nuisances dues au trafic aérien, CCLNTA). This is a body composed of experts and people representing the Genevan authorities and the municipalities bordering the airport. 
The system and the information platform are managed by Genève Aéroport with the support of CASPER, an enterprise specialised in this domain. 
This platform is rich in information (general information on noise measurement; legal provisions; actions taken by Genève Aéroport; updated news on movements...) and serves as privileged link between the airport and its neighbourhood.
Noise is a form of sound pollution difficult to analyse. This internet platform will allow you to deepen your knowledge on aircrafts’ noise as well as on airport operations: a seemingly simple, but scientifically complex, phenomenon which is hardly known by the general public.

Genève Aéroport Lutte contre le Bruit



Under certain conditions, Genève Aéroport is involved in the reinforcement of the sound insulation of homes located in areas subject to aircraft noise.


We also invite you to look at the pages dedicated to other environmental domains. These will allow you to be informed of the numerous initiatives undertaken by Genève Aéroport in order to preserve our living environment. In particular, Genève Aéroport invests in improving air quality, reducing power consumption of its infrastructure and encouraging sustainable mobility to access the airport. The environment team of Genève Aéroport remains at your disposal for further information. Do not hesitate to send your questions and/or comments by clicking on “contact”. 


Questions & complaints


For any question or complaint related to aircrafts noise or activities on the airport platform, you can contact us by telephone at +4122 717 71 11 or by filling in our complaint form.

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