Background of the environment at GVA

Geneva International Airport (GVA) has been working for more than 30 years to restrict disturbances caused by air traffic.



The Commission for Aircraft Noise Control was set-up.



Four microphones to record noise around the airport were installed.


Night-flight restrictions were introduced.



The noise surcharge was introduced.


The Noise Abatement department was set-up.


The automatic noise measuring and identification system (MIABA) including 7 noise monitoring terminals (4 existing microphones replaced by new ones and 3 extra microphones added) was launched.


A noise-insulated hangar for engine run-ups of small aircraft was built.



The Environment department was set-up.


6 more noise monitoring terminals were added. MIABA computer system was updated.


The Consultative Committee for Action to Control Air Traffic Disturbances (CCLNTA) replaced the Commission for Aircraft Noise Control. This new body was made up of representatives of Swiss and French surrounding communities, residents' and environmental associations, Geneva State and aviation professionals, as well as specialists.

A new system to continuously evaluate air quality at the airport was launched.

The noise surcharge was revised.


The environmental management process begun, involving a careful look of environmental management across the airport.


The innovative Environmental Management System (EMS) for Genève Aéroport established by the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) brought airport authorities and companies to help to protect the environment.

Take-off of aircraft certified according to "chapter 2" (annex 16 ICAO) was prohibited from 8pm to 7am.


A surcharge on gaseous emissions was introduced.

A 14th noise monitoring terminal was added in nearby France.

Genève Aéroport's environmental policy was passed by the Consultative Committee for Action to Control Air Traffic Disturbances (CCLNTA) and the Board of Directors.


The first environmental report was published.

Since 2000


An environmental impact assessment was carried out as part of the renewal application for Genève Aéroport Swiss federal operating concession.

The noise surcharge was revised.


The Swiss Confederation granted a new 50-year operating concession to Genève Aéroport.


Aircraft in "Chapter 2" (annex 16 ICAO) were prohibited from operating in Switzerland.

The second environmental report (period 1999-2001) was published.


The new automatic noise measuring and identification system (MIABA),which was equipped with 15 noise monitoring terminals, was launched.

The soundproofing process of residential buildings located close to the airport was launched.


The two last fixed ground power supply systems to parked aircraft (21 systems in operation) were commissioned.

The mobility plan for airport personnel entered into force.


The third environmental report (period 2002-2004) was published.


Genève Aéroport and seven Geneva-based partners signed an agreement with the Swiss Confederation aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.

Genève Aéroport's "green" vehicle purchasing policy was adopted to favour the acquisition of less polluting vehicles.


New series of measures for the mobility plan of the airport personnel were implemented (public transport, free shuttle service, non-motorised transport, restrictions imposed on car parks).

The residential soundproofing programme progressed significantly (800 homes soundproofed at the end of 2007).

The terminal 1 collection centre was moved to modern promises.


The fourth environmental report "Environment - results and objectives 2010" was published.

Installation of an ATM in the baggage reclaim area so that passengers arriving in Geneva can use public transport free of charge for 80 minutes in the Unireso "All Geneva" zone.

Soundproofing of more than 250 dwellings in nearby Swiss municipalities at a cost of CHF 3.7 million.

An analysis of third-party risks due to aircraft accidents near Geneva airport.

Introduction of an additional noise surcharge for take-offs after 10:00 pm.

Adoption of a plan of action to reduce winter discharges into surface waters of pollutants associated with the use of de-icing products.

Implementation of a new package of measures to reduce noise pollution caused by the movement of helicopters to and from Geneva airport.

Campaign to monitor soil quality.

Increase in the grants to airport staff for the purchase of public transport season tickets.


Introduction of a software contacts package for carpooling airport personnel.

Establishment of specific requirements for vehicles moving within the confines of the airport: mandatory anti-pollution checks and, for new vehicles, compliance with the latest emission standards.

Diagnosis of the airport sewerage system as part of the general drainage plan.

Improvement of safety conditions for the warehousing of dangerous goods in transit in the Cargo Hall.

Signature of an agreement between Genève Aéroport and the town of Ferney-Voltaire on the implementation of a specific mechanism for financing soundproofing of dwellings situated in neighbouring France.

Soundproofing of 338 dwellings in nearby Swiss municipalities at a cost of CHF 6.8 million.

Since 2010


Inauguration of an area dedicated to environmental communication with communities

Soundproofing of more than 200 dwellings in nearby Swiss municipalities at a cost of more than CHF 4 millions.

Development of the airport shuttle's network for employees working in the early morning.

Installation of two additional photovoltaic roofs.

Energy conservation measures to decrease the consumption of 205 MWh / year.

Development of a general concept of drainage for the watershed Vengeron.

Opening of a new waste disposal at the freight building.

Mapping of rare plant species and identification of invasive plant species.


Publication of the fifth environmental report "Environment - results and objectives 2013".

Achievement of the 3rd level of the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme (ACA).

Energy conservation measures to decrease the consumption of 641 MWh / year.

Implementation of sorting bins for passengers in the main terminal.

Certification by the ''Nature & Economie'' foundation.


Soundproofing of all concerned homes in the VA, VA-1 and VA-2 areas.

Launch of the soundproofing program in neighbouring France.

Energy conservation measures to decrease the consumption of 1'254 MWh / year.


Renewal of the Airport Caron Accreditation at level 3.

Commissioning of 5'660m2 of photovoltaic panels and 1'140m2 of thermal solar panels.

Implementation of new shuttles to Ferney-Voltaire and Versoix for staff working in the early morning.


Publication of the first sustainability report.

Survey on employee mobility.

Update of the noise classification and noise charges applicable to aircraft.

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