Environmental plan

Objectives between now and 2020

Environmental objectives, which are fixed for a period of three years, are described together with the means to achieve them in a strategic document called the Environmental Plan. This is then broken down into yearly action plans.

Genève Aéroport is currently implementing the 2017 - 2020 environmental plan outlined below:

Noise Abatement

  • Continue the soundproofing programme in neighbouring municipalities 

Air quality and greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gases

  • Maintain the Airport Carbon Accreditation at level 4 (carbon neutral)
  • 12 kg eq. CO2 per traffic unit


  • 45% of sustainable modal share for employees
  • 45% of sustainable modal share for passengers

Airside traffic

  • 40% of e-vehicles
  • 60% of Euro 5, 6 and Com 3, 4 vehicles & ground support equipment

Energy Management

  • 25% improvement of energy efficiency  (2006 baseline)
  • 56% renewable energy in total energy consumption

Water Management

Implementation of the concept to drain surface run-off water from te Vengeron catchment basin as part of the framework for general drainage of water from the airport.

Waste Management

  • 50% of recycling rate
  • 0.2 kg of waste per passenger

Major Risk Prevention

  • Enhancement of risk prevention in accordance with the ordinance on the prevention of major accidents (OPAM)

Natural Environment Protection

  • Maintaining the biodiversity of the airport 
  • Control of the expansion of invasive plant species
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